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Begriffe der (Mikro)Biologie: devel/debian-med/microbio.wml

kennt sich jemand mit Mikrobiologie aus? Die oa. Datei wurde kürzlich
wg. Veraltung gelöscht, ich bin dabei, sie wieder aktualisiert
einzustellen. Soweit möglich, habe ich aus den bestehenden
Übersetzungen die Formulierungen übernommen (bei Änderungen), aber die
folgenden Punkte/Begriffe kann ich leider nicht korrekt übersetzen:

1. »additional homologues of a sequence family«
   Satzende von:
   Given a multiple sequence alignment as input, HMMER builds a
   statistical model called a "hidden Markov model" which can then be
   used as a query into a sequence database to find (and/or align)
   additional homologues of the sequence family.

2. »expressed DNA sequence« und »introns«
   Satzende von:
   The SIBsim4 project is based on sim4, which is a program designed
   to align an expressed DNA sequence with a genomic sequence,
   allowing for introns.

3. »splice types« und »polyA sites«
   Satzende von:
   SIBsim4 is a fairly extensive rewrite of the original code with the 
   following goals: speed improvement; usability of large, chromosome 
   scale, DNA sequences; more detailed output about splice types; more 
   detailed output about polyA sites.

4. »posterior decoding«
   Satzanfang von:
   It utilizes posterior decoding, and a sequence-annealing alignment, 
   instead of the traditional progressive alignment method.

5. »sensitivity / specificity tradeoff«
   Satzende von:
   It is the only alignment program that allows to control the 
   sensitivity / specificity tradeoff.

6. »alignment metric accuracy«
   Im Satz:
   It is based on the ProbCons source code, but uses alignment metric
   accuracy and eliminates the consistency transformation.

7. »pair conditional random fields«
   Satzende von:
   CONTRAlign is an extensible and fully automatic parameter learning
   framework for protein pairwise sequence alignment based on pair
   conditional random fields.

8. »indels«
   Im Satz:
   Its advantages are speed, scalability, sensitivity, and the superior 
   ability to handle branching / indels in the alignment.

9. »non-coding DNA sequence«
   Satzende von:
   Sigma ("Simple greedy multiple alignment") is an alignment program
   with a new algorithm and scoring scheme designed specifically for
   non-coding DNA sequence.

A. »gapless local alignments«
   Im Satz:
   Sigma uses a strategy of seeking the best possible gapless local
   alignments (a strategy earlier used by DiAlign), at each step making
   the best possible alignment consistent with existing alignments,
   and scores the significance of the alignment based on the lengths of
   the aligned fragments and a background model which may be supplied or 
   estimated from an auxiliary file of intergenic DNA.

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