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Re: [Pkg-mol-commits] r124 - in mol/trunk/debian: . po

(for the list - there is a question by the mol maintainers regarding a
translation of mine. Since I'm biased, I'd prefer some other to
comment. Please keep all recipents in CC:. Thanks.)

On Mon, Nov 06, 2006 at 11:16:34AM +0100, Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
> > +"Falls Sie Mac-on-Linux setuid root setzen, k?nnen nicht-root Benutzer den "
> > +"Mac-on-Linux-Emulator ?ber das startmol-Skript oder durch die Debian Men?-"
> > +"Eintr?ge benutzen. Da jedes setuid root-Programm ein potenzielles "
> > +"Sicherheitsrisiko darstellt und zur Kompromittierung Ihres Systems verwandt "
> > +"werden kann, ist diese Option standardm??ig deaktiviert."
> AFAIK german (I'm swiss) "verwandt" is wrong and this should be "Ihres
> Systems verwendet werden kann".

For me, »verwandt« is perfectly right, but I am a German, not Swiss. I
CC'ed the german translation list, maybe someone else can shed a light
on this (since I am clearly biased :-)).

Greetings & Thanks for proofreading

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