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Re: Bug#297663: iso-codes: german translation misses important codes

Quoting Wolfgang Rohdewald (wolfgang@rohdewald.de):
> Package: iso-codes
> Version: 0.44-1
> Severity: wishlist
> At least all european languages should be translated.

I leave the comment that european languages are important to you.... I
usually avoid such comment which may hurt people's feelings. I guess
you probably didn't make it on purpose, of course.

> E.g. "Greek, Modern (1453-)" and "Spanish (Castilian)" have
> no german translation

Well, opening bugs for incomplete translations is quite uncommon. Most
often, people just complete the translations and submit them as

In that case, I can send you the de.po file for ISO-639, Wolfgang, so
that you can complete it, have it reviewed by the german translation
team and then send it to this bug. Would you be OK with that?

Be aware that this may not be as easy as it seems...:-). Except for
obvious cases, having a good translation for a language name in
another language is not always easy....especially when this is about a
language you've never heard of..:)

Anyway...as mentioned, everyone is welcome to complete this translation.

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