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German translation and review of English d-i manual

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Hello Helmut,

Sorry for my late reaction.

Christian Perrier wrote:
> You should get in touch with Frans Pop, as far as English proofreading
> is involved. The poor man is becoming the "de facto" manual and manual
> translations coordinator....

As Christian said, for German translation you should first contact the 
current translators about coordinating your efforts. Your authorization 
can be fixed after we have received their OK to have you added to the 
translation team.

For the English manual, proofreading is very welcome.
If you have authorization for the project, you can in principle also 
commit changes to the English version.
I started out as Dutch translator myself, but have written some paragraphs 
and edited others in the English version as well.

There are several things that you need to keep in mind before you edit the 
English version:
- - you have to be very familiar with how the installer works;
- - you have to be aware that the manual is intended for _all_
  architectures, not just i386;
- - you have to know how and in what situations to use the available
  docbook sgml tags;
- - the manual is already on the long side;
- - last, but not least, you have to be fairly sure your English is correct.

At the moment the manual is somewhat frozen in preparation for the RC2 
release of the installer (no major changes allowed).
After that I plan to do a major reorganization of Chapter 2.

So, although proofreading is very welcome, please be carefull about making 
changes in the English version.
If you are sure a change is an improvement, feel free to commit it.
If you plan major changes, please discuss them first on the d-boot list.
If you have a change you are unsure of, send a wishlist bug with a patch 
to the BTS against package debian-installer-manual.

Try to build the English version before you commit changes to check for 
errors and check the result in a browser.

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