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Change in the webwml .pot files

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Dear translation teams,

I'm crossposting to different lists in order to make you aware of a change 
in the Debian webwml .pot files. If you're going to reply to this mail, 

a) Send a CC to me, because I'm not subscribed to most of the lists.
b) Send your reply only to your own translation list -- except if you think
   that really all other translation teams have to be aware of your answer,
   of course.

I recently introduced a new tag for the Debian-Med Project[1], and in order 
to ease translation, I made use of the <gettext> functionality. In the 
meantime, this new tag was extended to be useful for other Custom Debian 
Distributions as well.

As a result, a new .pot file was created, called debian-cdd.pot. I would 
like to ask all of you to update your .po files and to translate this new 
file into your language.

For the translation teams who have already begun to translate the webpages 
of the Debian-Med Project, I'll add a short explanation of the newly 
introduced tag and its use here.

The tag is called <project>, and it takes a few attributes. The complete 
(empty) tag looks like this:

<project name=""
  Here goes the description of the project.

The meaning of the attributes is as follows:

  This is the name of the project. In most cases, you won't have to
  translate this attribute.

  This is the URL of the project's homepage. You will almost never have to
  do any translational work here. At least I can't think of any.

  The license under which the project is released. In most cases (e.g. GPL,
  BSD) you don't have to modify anything here. Some projects use a custom
  license or there's anything other which requires some more explanation in
  plain text. Of course, this plain text should be translated.

  This is the URL of a Debian package. If the project is available as an
  official Debian package (i.e. it is included in the Debian distribution or
  available in the contrib or non-free section) or if the project is being
  packaged by someone, but not stored on the Debian servers, this attribute
  is used. If there's no package available at all, this attribute is either
  left blank or omitted completely. There's no need to change this value in
  your translations.

  Every project gets an automatically created HTML anchor. This auto-anchor
  is created by using the project's name. If for some reason this is not
  wanted, the id and name of the anchor can be specified here. An example of
  the use of this attribute can be found in other.wml. The project's name is
"HARP - HArmonization for the secuRity of web technologies and aPplications"
  which is awfully long. The anchorid attribute in this case is set to
  "harp". Note that you should never have to change anything here.

The interesting part of the <project>-tag is the body, between the opening 
and the closing tag. This is the description of the project, and this is 
the part where you're going to have to translate the text.

I hope this didn't sound too complicated, because it's really easy. Just 
have a look at the files, you're going to see that this is definitely much 
easier to keep up-to-date. :-)

In the next few days, I'm going to update all pages in the debian-med/ 
directory. In order to make the lifes of those easier who already did 
translation work, I'll commit twice for every file.

The first commit is going to be the switch to the new layout. Since the diff 
is more or less a complete mess, I'd suggest to copy the original English 
file into your language directory. This way, you're going to start with a 
fresh copy. All projects which are no longer relevant will have been 
removed. The sorting keys are
1. according to the availability as a Debian package
2. alphabetically

You can just copy your translations into the body of the <project>-tags. 
Next, go through the attributes and determine which values have to be 
translated. As I already said, most of the attribute values can be just 
left alone. If you copied the original English file, please don't forget to 
add the translation check header, e.g.

#use wml::debian::translation-check translation="1.21"

And that's it! You should be done now.

The second commit is for actual changes to the wording within the 
descriptions. I hope that this way it's easier to find out the real 
differences, apart from the layout thing. Those of you who haven't 
translated the file at all so far should just start here, of course.

For an example, please have a look at debian-med/other.wml. This page is 
already available in the new layout and the German translation also makes 
use of it.

Alright, one last hint: If your translation team has been quite active in 
the Debian Description Translation Project, you can check whether there's 
already a translation available for the official Debian packages. Just 
click the link to the official Debian package. In most cases, you can just 
copy & paste the translation from there.

Unfortunately, the DDTP server still isn't up and running, so you're neither 
able to submit a new translation nor to review an existing one. It's sad 
that we can't make use of this neat side-effect.

Alright, folks, that's all for now. I hope this e-mail was not too long and 

Thanks a lot for your efforts,

- -- 


    There are 10 different kinds of people on the world -
    those who understand binary and those who don't.

[1] http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-med/
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