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Re: German translation for d-i

(added CC to debian-l10n-german)

> * Jan Lübbe <jluebbe@lasnet.de> [2003-12-14 11:45]:
> > I read in another mail on this list that Anonymous CVS is disabled.
> > How would i access the current sources?
> You can access http://cvs.debian.org/debian-installer
> Not ideal, I know, but at least it works.  And you'll only need a few
> .po files anyway.


is easier to work with for translators. When you have completed a
translation, then file a bug against the package so that the
translation may be commited (when the CVS server will be up and
running, I guess)

I'm really surprised to see german translations only at 23%. Looks
like it's time to involve more german translation team people in the
debian-installer translation process.

I seem to remember that most german translators wirk with Grisu's DDTP
for po-debconf translations. No idea whether it's really appropriate
for d-i stuff (the french team does no use DDTP at all for
(po-)debconf stuff).

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