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[nico.bertol@wanadoo.fr: ddtc 0.6]

----- Forwarded message from Nicolas Bertolissio <nico.bertol@wanadoo.fr> -----

Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 21:05:16 +0100
From: Nicolas Bertolissio <nico.bertol@wanadoo.fr>
To: ddts coords <coors@ddtp.debian.org>
Subject: ddtc 0.6


 ddtc       - Perl script to deal with ddts mail
 ddtc (0.6) unstable; urgency=low
   * rewrite with two modules
   * deal with ddts standard bug reports
   * send standard or special reviews
   * use `Config::General::' module for config file
   * convert old `.ddtc' config file to new `.ddtcrc'
   * test for defined mail address only if we need to send mails (not for
   * ddts.vim: fix Todo in short description
   * add sample `.ddtcrc'
     thanks to Nicolas Sabouret for reporting this bug
   * fix some typos in french manpages
     thanks to Nicolas Boulenguez for reporting these bugs
   * fix explanations in manpage `Fixing bugs' section
     thanks to Benoît Peccatte for this

I've fixed very old bugs (more than one year). It should now parse
correctly standard ddts bug reports so everybody could use it.

CAUTION: config file format has changed (I now use a perl module to
         parse it. The script automatically creates a new config file
         when run for the first time. Just check the created .ddtcrc
         before removing the old .ddtc.

I've updated it:
deb http://nico.bertol.free.fr/debian bertol/fr/

I send this mail here, as I do on -l10n-french, so coordinators can
forward to their teams.


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