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debconf 1.5.45: Please update the PO translation for the package debconf


You are noted as the last translator of the translation for
debconf. The English template has been changed, and now some messages
are marked "fuzzy" in your translation or are missing.
I would be grateful if you could take the time and update it.
Please send the updated file to me, or submit it as a wishlist bug
against debconf.

The deadline for receiving the updated translation is
Wed, 08 Aug 2012 12:24:54 -0400.

Thanks in advance,



# Galician translation of debconf.
# Copyright (C) 2001 Jacobo Tarrío Barreiro.
# Jacobo Tarrío <jtarrio@debian.org>, 2001, 2005, 2006.
# Miguel Anxo Bouzada <mbouzada@gmail.com>, 2011.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: debconf\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2012-06-19 19:05-0400\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2011-05-12 11:20+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: Miguel Anxo Bouzada <mbouzada@gmail.com>\n"
"Language-Team: Galician <proxecto@trasno.net>\n"
"Language: gl\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Poedit-Language: Galician\n"

#: ../Debconf/AutoSelect.pm:76
#, fuzzy, perl-format
msgid "falling back to frontend: %s"
msgstr "emprégase a interface: %s"

#: ../Debconf/AutoSelect.pm:84
#, perl-format
msgid "unable to initialize frontend: %s"
msgstr "non é posíbel iniciar a interface: %s"

#: ../Debconf/AutoSelect.pm:90
#, perl-format
msgid "Unable to start a frontend: %s"
msgstr "Non é posíbel iniciar unha interface: %s"

#: ../Debconf/Config.pm:130
msgid "Config database not specified in config file."
msgstr ""
"Non se especificou unha base de datos de configuracións no ficheiro de "

#: ../Debconf/Config.pm:134
msgid "Template database not specified in config file."
msgstr ""
"Non se especificou unha base de datos de modelos no ficheiro de "

#: ../Debconf/Config.pm:139
msgid ""
"The Sigils and Smileys options in the config file are no longer used. Please "
"remove them."
msgstr ""
"Xa non se empregan as opcións Sigils e Smileys do ficheiro de configuración. "

#: ../Debconf/Config.pm:153
#, perl-format
msgid "Problem setting up the database defined by stanza %s of %s."
msgstr ""
"Houbo un problema ao configurar a base de datos definida pola estrofa %s de "

#: ../Debconf/Config.pm:228
msgid ""
"  -f,  --frontend\t\tSpecify debconf frontend to use.\n"
"  -p,  --priority\t\tSpecify minimum priority question to show.\n"
"       --terse\t\t\tEnable terse mode.\n"
msgstr ""
"  -f,  --frontend\t\tEspecifica a interface de debconf que empregar.\n"
"  -p,  --priority\t\tEspecifica a pregunta mínima que mostrar.\n"
"       --terse\t\t\tActiva o modo conciso.\n"

#: ../Debconf/Config.pm:308
#, perl-format
msgid "Ignoring invalid priority \"%s\""
msgstr "Ignórase a prioridade incorrecta «%s»"

#: ../Debconf/Config.pm:309
#, perl-format
msgid "Valid priorities are: %s"
msgstr "As prioridades correctas son: %s"

#: ../Debconf/Element/Editor/Boolean.pm:30
#: ../Debconf/Element/Editor/Multiselect.pm:31
#: ../Debconf/Element/Editor/Select.pm:31
msgid "Choices"
msgstr "Opcións"

#: ../Debconf/Element/Editor/Boolean.pm:30
#: ../Debconf/Element/Editor/Boolean.pm:36
#: ../Debconf/Element/Editor/Boolean.pm:59
#: ../Debconf/Element/Teletype/Boolean.pm:28
msgid "yes"
msgstr "si"

#: ../Debconf/Element/Editor/Boolean.pm:30
#: ../Debconf/Element/Editor/Boolean.pm:39
#: ../Debconf/Element/Editor/Boolean.pm:62
#: ../Debconf/Element/Teletype/Boolean.pm:29
msgid "no"
msgstr "non"

#: ../Debconf/Element/Editor/Multiselect.pm:32
msgid ""
"(Enter zero or more items separated by a comma followed by a space (', ').)"
msgstr ""
"(Introduza cero ou máis elementos separados por unha coma seguida dun espazo "
"[«, »])."

#: ../Debconf/Element/Gnome.pm:182
msgid "_Help"
msgstr "_Axuda"

#: ../Debconf/Element/Gnome.pm:184
msgid "Help"
msgstr "Axuda"

#: ../Debconf/Element/Noninteractive/Error.pm:40
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Debconf is not confident this error message was displayed, so it mailed it "
"to you."
msgstr ""
"Non se configurou debconf para amosar este erro, así que lla enviou a Vd."

#: ../Debconf/Element/Noninteractive/Error.pm:67
msgid "Debconf"
msgstr "Debconf"

#: ../Debconf/Element/Noninteractive/Error.pm:90
#, perl-format
msgid "Debconf, running at %s"
msgstr "Debconf, executándose en %s"

#: ../Debconf/Element/Select.pm:95 ../Debconf/Element/Select.pm:110
#, perl-format
msgid ""
"Input value, \"%s\" not found in C choices! This should never happen. "
"Perhaps the templates were incorrectly localized."
msgstr ""
"Non se atopou o valor de entrada, «%s», nas opcións de C! Isto non debería "
"ocorrer nunca. Se cadra localizáronse os modelos incorrectamente."

#: ../Debconf/Element/Teletype/Multiselect.pm:27
msgid "none of the above"
msgstr "ningunha das anteriores"

#: ../Debconf/Element/Teletype/Multiselect.pm:47
msgid "Enter the items you want to select, separated by spaces."
msgstr "Introduza os elementos que quere seleccionar, separados por espazos."

#: ../Debconf/FrontEnd.pm:140
#, perl-format
msgid "Unable to load Debconf::Element::%s. Failed because: %s"
msgstr "Non é posíbel cargar Debconf::Element::%s. Erro debido a: %s"

#: ../Debconf/FrontEnd.pm:333
#, perl-format
msgid "Configuring %s"
msgstr "Configurando %s"

#: ../Debconf/FrontEnd/Dialog.pm:53
msgid "TERM is not set, so the dialog frontend is not usable."
msgstr "Non se estabeleceu TERM, así que a interface Dialog non é utilizábel."

#: ../Debconf/FrontEnd/Dialog.pm:56
msgid "Dialog frontend is incompatible with emacs shell buffers"
msgstr "A interface Dialog é incompatíbel cos búferes shell de emacs."

#: ../Debconf/FrontEnd/Dialog.pm:59
msgid ""
"Dialog frontend will not work on a dumb terminal, an emacs shell buffer, or "
"without a controlling terminal."
msgstr ""
"A interface Dialog non funciona nun terminal parvo, nun búfer shell de "
"emacs, ou sen un terminal de control."

#: ../Debconf/FrontEnd/Dialog.pm:105
msgid ""
"No usable dialog-like program is installed, so the dialog based frontend "
"cannot be used."
msgstr ""
"Non hai un programa semellante a Dialog instalado, así que non se pode "
"empregar a interface baseada en Dialog."

#: ../Debconf/FrontEnd/Dialog.pm:112
msgid ""
"Dialog frontend requires a screen at least 13 lines tall and 31 columns wide."
msgstr ""
"A interface Dialog precisa dunha pantalla de polo menos 13 liñas e 31 "

#: ../Debconf/FrontEnd/Dialog.pm:296
msgid "Package configuration"
msgstr "Configuración do paquete"

#: ../Debconf/FrontEnd/Editor.pm:94
msgid ""
"You are using the editor-based debconf frontend to configure your system. "
"See the end of this document for detailed instructions."
msgstr ""
"Está empregando a interface baseada en editores de debconf para configurar o "
"seu sistema. Vexa o final deste documento para obter instrucións detalladas."

#: ../Debconf/FrontEnd/Editor.pm:111
msgid ""
"The editor-based debconf frontend presents you with one or more text files "
"to edit. This is one such text file. If you are familiar with standard unix "
"configuration files, this file will look familiar to you -- it contains "
"comments interspersed with configuration items. Edit the file, changing any "
"items as necessary, and then save it and exit. At that point, debconf will "
"read the edited file, and use the values you entered to configure the system."
msgstr ""
"A interface baseada en editores de debconf preséntalle un ou máis ficheiros "
"de texto para editar. Este é un deses ficheiros. Se está familiarizado cos "
"ficheiros de configuración estándar de UNIX, este ficheiro faráselle "
"familiar -- contén comentarios intercalados cos elementos de configuración. "
"Edite o ficheiro, cambiando os elementos que sexan necesarios, e despois "
"gráveo e saia. Nese punto, debconf lerá o ficheiro editado, e empregará os "
"valores introducidos para configurar o sistema."

#: ../Debconf/FrontEnd/Gnome.pm:144 ../Debconf/FrontEnd/Kde.pm:100
#: ../Debconf/FrontEnd/Kde.pm:104
#, perl-format
msgid "Debconf on %s"
msgstr "Debconf en %s"

#: ../Debconf/FrontEnd/Readline.pm:47
msgid "This frontend requires a controlling tty."
msgstr "Esta interface precisa dun terminal de control."

#: ../Debconf/FrontEnd/Readline.pm:58
msgid "Term::ReadLine::GNU is incompatable with emacs shell buffers."
msgstr "Term::ReadLine::GNU é incompatíbel cos búferes shell de emacs."

#: ../Debconf/FrontEnd/Teletype.pm:96
msgid "More"
msgstr "Máis"

#: ../Debconf/FrontEnd/Web.pm:66
#, perl-format
msgid "Note: Debconf is running in web mode. Go to http://localhost:%i/";
msgstr ""
"Nota: Debconf está executándose en modo web. Vaia a http://localhost:%i/";

#: ../Debconf/FrontEnd/Web.pm:166
msgid "Back"
msgstr "Anterior"

#: ../Debconf/FrontEnd/Web.pm:168
msgid "Next"
msgstr "Seguinte"

#: ../Debconf/Template.pm:91
#, perl-format
msgid ""
"warning: possible database corruption. Will attempt to repair by adding back "
"missing question %s."
msgstr ""
"aviso: posíbel estrago da base de datos. Tentarase reparar engadindo a "
"pregunta anterior «%s» que falta."

#: ../Debconf/Template.pm:206
#, perl-format
msgid ""
"Template #%s in %s has a duplicate field \"%s\" with new value \"%s\". "
"Probably two templates are not properly separated by a lone newline.\n"
msgstr ""
"O modelo num. %s en %s ten duplicado o campo «%s» cun novo valor «%s». "
"Probabelmente hai dous modelos que non están correctamente separados cunha "
"liña baleira (retorno de carro).\n"

#: ../Debconf/Template.pm:231
#, perl-format
msgid "Unknown template field '%s', in stanza #%s of %s\n"
msgstr "Campo de modelo descoñecido «%s», na estrofa num. %s de %s\n"

#: ../Debconf/Template.pm:257
#, perl-format
msgid "Template parse error near `%s', in stanza #%s of %s\n"
msgstr ""
"Atopouse un erro analizando o modelo cerca de «%s», na estrofa num. %s de "

#: ../Debconf/Template.pm:263
#, perl-format
msgid "Template #%s in %s does not contain a 'Template:' line\n"
msgstr "O modelo num. %s en %s non conten unha liña «Template:»\n"

#: ../dpkg-preconfigure:126
#, perl-format
msgid "must specify some debs to preconfigure"
msgstr "débense especificar algúns paquetes para preconfigurar"

#: ../dpkg-preconfigure:131
msgid "delaying package configuration, since apt-utils is not installed"
msgstr ""
"atrasase a configuración dos paquetes porque apt-utils non está instalado"

#: ../dpkg-preconfigure:138
#, perl-format
msgid "unable to re-open stdin: %s"
msgstr "non é posíbel volver abrir a entrada estándar: %s"

#: ../dpkg-preconfigure:169 ../dpkg-preconfigure:181
#, perl-format
msgid "apt-extracttemplates failed: %s"
msgstr "apt-extracttemplates non funcionou: %s"

#: ../dpkg-preconfigure:173 ../dpkg-preconfigure:185
#, perl-format
msgid "Extracting templates from packages: %d%%"
msgstr "Extraendo os modelos dos paquetes: %d%%"

#: ../dpkg-preconfigure:195
msgid "Preconfiguring packages ...\n"
msgstr "Preconfigurando paquetes ...\n"

#: ../dpkg-preconfigure:207
#, perl-format
msgid "template parse error: %s"
msgstr "erro na análise do modelo: %s"

#: ../dpkg-preconfigure:221
#, perl-format
msgid "debconf: can't chmod: %s"
msgstr "debconf: non é posíbel aplicar chmod: %s"

#: ../dpkg-preconfigure:232
#, perl-format
msgid "%s failed to preconfigure, with exit status %s"
msgstr "Non se puido preconfigurar %s, co estado de saída %s"

#: ../dpkg-reconfigure:105
msgid ""
"Usage: dpkg-reconfigure [options] packages\n"
"  -a,  --all\t\t\tReconfigure all packages.\n"
"  -u,  --unseen-only\t\tShow only not yet seen questions.\n"
"       --default-priority\tUse default priority instead of low.\n"
"       --force\t\t\tForce reconfiguration of broken packages.\n"
"       --no-reload\t\tDo not reload templates. (Use with caution.)"
msgstr ""
"Modo de uso: dpkg-reconfigure [opcións] paquetes\n"
"  -a,  --all\t\t\tReconfigura todos os paquetes.\n"
"  -u,  --unseen-only\t\tMostra só as preguntas non visualizadas.\n"
"       --default-priority\tUsar a prioridade predeterminada no canto da "
"       --force\t\t\tForzar a reconfiguración dos paquetes estragados.\n"
"       --no-reload\t\tNon cargar os modelos (usar con tino)"

#: ../dpkg-reconfigure:119
#, perl-format
msgid "%s must be run as root"
msgstr "%s débese executar como administrador (root)"

#: ../dpkg-reconfigure:152
msgid "please specify a package to reconfigure"
msgstr "especifique un paquete a reconfigurar"

#: ../dpkg-reconfigure:177
#, perl-format
msgid "%s is not installed"
msgstr "%s non está instalado"

#: ../dpkg-reconfigure:181
#, perl-format
msgid "%s is broken or not fully installed"
msgstr "%s está estragado ou non está completamente instalado"

#: ../dpkg-reconfigure:294
#, perl-format
msgid "Cannot read status file: %s"
msgstr "Non é posíbel ler o ficheiro de estado: %s"

#: ../debconf-communicate:53
msgid "Usage: debconf-communicate [options] [package]"
msgstr "Uso: debconf-communicate [opcións] [paquete]"

#: ../debconf-mergetemplate:14
msgid ""
"debconf-mergetemplate: This utility is deprecated. You should switch to "
"using po-debconf's po2debconf program."
msgstr ""
"debconf-mergetemplate: esta utilidade é obsoleta. Debería empregar o "
"programa po2debconf de po-debconf."

#: ../debconf-mergetemplate:66
msgid "Usage: debconf-mergetemplate [options] [templates.ll ...] templates"
msgstr "Uso: debconf-mergetemplate [opcións] [modelos.ll ...] modelos"

#: ../debconf-mergetemplate:71
msgid ""
"        --outdated\t\tMerge in even outdated translations.\n"
"\t--drop-old-templates\tDrop entire outdated templates."
msgstr ""
"        --outdated\t\tCombinar incluso en traducións obsoletas.\n"
"\t--drop-old-templates\tNon permitir en absoluto modelos obsoletos."

#: ../debconf-mergetemplate:119
#, perl-format
msgid "%s is missing"
msgstr "non se atopa %s"

#: ../debconf-mergetemplate:123
#, perl-format
msgid "%s is missing; dropping %s"
msgstr "Non se atopa %s; desbotase %s"

#: ../debconf-mergetemplate:146
#, perl-format
msgid "%s is fuzzy at byte %s: %s"
msgstr "%s é confuso no byte %s: %s"

#: ../debconf-mergetemplate:151
#, perl-format
msgid "%s is fuzzy at byte %s: %s; dropping it"
msgstr "%s é confuso no byte %s: %s; desbotase"

#: ../debconf-mergetemplate:168
#, perl-format
msgid "%s is outdated"
msgstr "%s é antigo de máis"

#: ../debconf-mergetemplate:173
#, perl-format
msgid "%s is outdated; dropping whole template!"
msgstr "%s é antigo de máis; desbotase o modelo enteiro"

#: ../debconf:95
msgid "Usage: debconf [options] command [args]"
msgstr "Uso: debconf [opcións] orde [args]"

#: ../debconf:97
msgid ""
"  -o,  --owner=package\t\tSet the package that owns the command."
msgstr ""
"  -o,  --owner=package\t\tEstabelecer o paquete ao que pertence a orde."

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