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Re: Some observations regarding manpage translations

Hello Jean-Philippe,

Am Di., 19. Apr. 2022 um 18:55 Uhr schrieb Helge Kreutzmann
> […]
> >
> > Indeed, unfortunately. It completely disappointed me last months to review
> > man1 due to this. A pain! Thanks to Jean-Pierre who tries to catch up this.
> I share your pain. I know projects which like to reformat their man
> pages about once a year. And even the regular updates can be quite
> time consuming, e.g. for systemd.
> > >     Another example from today: wget.1.po was checked in today,
> > >     unfortunately not completely translated. However, one missing
> > >     string was just a typo away from an already translated string and
> > >     others were trivially to handle (e.g. version numbers), so I could
> > >     almost complete the part of OpenSUES Leap as well, even without
> > >     French knowledge.
> > >
> > > I noticed (and sometimes handled) similiar issues in the past as well,
> > > but doing this more systematically of course requires some time. And
> > > since I don't speak French, I can only perform trivial updates and some
> > > easy fixes (if I knew French), i.e. "low hanging fruits" I have to
> > > skip.
> >
> > What is your approach? Reviewing this manually is really a pain for me. Any
> > suggestion to reduce the needed work is welcome.
> Well, I'm not sure which editor you use. Some po editors can handle
> fuzzy strings quite nicely, I was told. I'm quite old school myself
> and I use vim (with po extensions) and run plain "diff" on the
> previous and the current string, May some day #611544 is resolved
> (dreaming).
See the attached screenshot. It shows the lower left part of the
Lokalize window with po/fr/man1/script.1.po opened. In a fuzzy
message, you can exactly see what has been changed since the last
update. This makes it very easy to »unfuzzy« files. However, Lokalize
is a bit sensible: the bigger the .po file, the more often Lokalize
crashes … But I prefer it anyway, because the crashes happen only in
very big files (> 1000 messages).

Best Regards,

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