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manpages-l10n: Odd change in tsort.1.po

Hello all,

recently tsort.1.po has been changed as follows:

"Report tsort translation bugs to E<lt>https://translationproject.org/team/";
msgstr ""
-"Signaler toute erreur de traduction de tsort à E<lt>I<https://";
+"Signaler toute erreur de traduction de tsort à E<lt>I<http://";

(committed by Jean-Philippe Mengual)

It doesn't make sense to give the users a link where they have first
to figure out the real team address. Although msgid doesn't show it
(because it's generic), the translation should contain the full link
to the team page. As far as I can remember, I had proposed this
already a few months ago.

I think this refers not only to tsort, but to other Coreutils man pages, too.


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