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Re: maint-guide touch ups

Quoting Osamu Aoki (osamu@debian.org):
> Hi,
> I am making proofreading of maint-guide and found 2 PO file entries
> needs to be updated for French.
> Can any one pf you get me an update?

Here's an update. Please note that sending only the relevant part
doesn't make the work easier as it prevents from using some PO-editing
tool, which increases the risk of errors and minimizes the benefit of
having the former version in comments.

Anyway, that was a small update..:-)

#. type: <p><example>
#: maint-guide.en.sgml:674
msgid ""
"Let's set up the shell environment variable <tt>$DEBEMAIL</tt> and <tt>"
"$DEBFULLNAME</tt> so many Debian maintenance tools recognize your name and "
"email address to use for packages as follows.<footnote><p>The following text "
"assumes you are using Bash as your login shell. If you use other login "
"shells such as Z shell, use their pertinent configuration files instead of "
msgstr ""
"Configurez les variables d'environnement de l'interpréteur de commandes Bash "
"<tt>$DEBEMAIL</tt> et <tt>$DEBFULLNAME</tt> de tel sorte que les nombreux "
"outils de maintenance Debian identifient vos nom et adresse électronique "
"comme suit :"
"<footnote><p>Le texte qui suit présupposé que l'interpréteur de commandes "
"que vous utilisez à la connexion est Bash. Si vous utilisez un autre "
"interpréteur de commandes, par exemple zsh, il est nécessaire d'utiliser "
"le fichier de configuration approprié à la place de <file>~/.bashrc</file>."

#. type: <p></p>
#: maint-guide.en.sgml:3125
msgid ""
"<prgn>dupload</prgn> checks that the MD5/SHA1/SHA256 checksums of the files "
"match those from the <file>.changes</file> file. If they do not match, it "
"will warn you to rebuild it as described in <ref id=\"completebuild\"> so it "
"can be properly uploaded."
msgstr ""
"<prgn>dupload</prgn> vérifie que les sommes MD5, SHA1 et SHA256 des fichiers "
"sont identiques à celles du fichier <file>.changes</file>. Dans le cas contraire, "
"un avertissement proposera de le "
"reconstruire comme décrit en <ref id=\"completebuild\"> pour pouvoir "
"charger le fichier correctement."

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