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Re: [LCFC] templates://grub2/{templates} (Was: Bug#605748: grub-pc: debconf questions should be translated)

On Thu, Dec 09, 2010 at 09:12:35AM -0400, David Prévot wrote:
> Le 09/12/2010 02:15, Christian PERRIER a écrit :
> >> Template: grub-pc/postrm_purge_boot_grub
> >> Type: boolean
> >> Default: false
> >> _Description: Remove GRUB 2 from /boot/grub?
> >>  Do you want to have all GRUB 2 files removed from /boot/grub?
> >>  .
> >>  This will make the system unbootable unless another boot loader is
> >>  installed.
> > 
> > Bleh. I missed this one. Double question in boolean template.
> > 
> > Just found it while working on the french translation update. Sigh.
> > 
> > I propose leaving this as is, though.
> I could propose a “template has been slightly updated” mail to
> translators tomorrow with an improved version: since it's already a
> short call (four days), a two day reminder won't hurt.

I suggest we leave this for wheezy.  There's already a substantial risk
that not all languages will manage to update to the new templates in
time; I don't want to introduce further non-critical changes.

> Here is a wording proposal (please correct my crappy en_FR):
> - -Do you want to have all GRUB 2 files removed from /boot/grub?
> +All GRUB 2 files are on the point of being removed from /boot/grub.

"All GRUB 2 files are about to be removed" - but could you please file a
separate bug about this?


Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson@debian.org]

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