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deb-gview 0.2.6: Please update the PO translation for the package deb-gview


You are noted as the last translator of the translation for
deb-gview. The English template has been changed, and now some messages
are marked "fuzzy" in your translation or are missing.
I would be grateful if you could take the time and update it.
Please send the updated file to me, or submit it as a wishlist bug
against deb-gview.

The deadline for receiving the updated translation is
Sun, 14 Mar 2010 10:47:21 +0000.

Thanks in advance,


Neil Williams

# French translation of deb-gview
# Copyright (C) 2006, Thomas Huriaux
# This file is distributed under the same license as the deb-gview package.
# Original translator: Thomas Huriaux <thomas.huriaux@gmail.com>, 2007.
# Guillaume Delacour <gui@iroqwa.org>, 2009
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: deb-gview\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2010-02-28 10:42+0000\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2009-04-01 21:24+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: Guillaume Delacour <gui@iroqwa.org>\n"
"Language-Team: French <debian-l10n-french@lists.debian.org>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"

#: ../src/main.c:137
msgid "file"
msgstr "fichier"

#: ../src/main.c:158
msgid "Unable to create preview key file"
msgstr "�chec de la création du fichier de clés « preview »"

#: ../src/main.c:180
#, c-format
msgid "Error loading file '%s'."
msgstr "Erreur au chargement du fichier « %s »."

#. TRANSLATORS: Replace this string with your names, one name per line.
#: ../src/interface.c:67
msgid "translator-credits"
msgstr ""
"Guillaume Delacour\n"

#: ../src/interface.c:72
msgid "deb-gview"
msgstr "deb-gview"

#: ../src/interface.c:76
msgid "Gtk/Gnome viewer for the contents of a .deb file"
msgstr ""
"Interface graphique simple Gtk-Gnome pour afficher le contenu de fichiers ."

#: ../src/interface.c:91
msgid "Homepage:"
msgstr "Site Internet :"

#: ../src/interface.c:135 ../src/dvarchive.c:822
#: ../desktop/deb-gview.desktop.in.in.h:2
msgid "Debian package file viewer"
msgstr "Visualiseur de paquets Debian"

#: ../src/interface.c:163
msgid "_File"
msgstr "_Fichier"

#: ../src/interface.c:191
msgid "_View"
msgstr "_Visualiser"

#: ../src/interface.c:198 ../src/interface.c:418
msgid "E_xternal"
msgstr "E_xterne"

#: ../src/interface.c:204 ../src/interface.c:211
msgid "_Help"
msgstr "_Aide"

#: ../src/interface.c:235
msgid "Open a .deb package in a new view window."
msgstr "Ouvrir un paquet .deb dans une nouvelle fenêtre"

#: ../src/interface.c:245
msgid "Open a .deb package in this window."
msgstr "Ouvrir un paquet .deb dans cette fenêtre"

#: ../src/interface.c:254
msgid "About deb-gview"
msgstr "Ã? propos de deb-gview"

#: ../src/interface.c:264
msgid "Show the deb-gview manpage."
msgstr "Afficher la page de manuel de deb-gview"

#: ../src/interface.c:274
msgid "Close this view window."
msgstr "Fermer cette fenêtre"

#: ../src/interface.c:280
msgid "Quit all windows."
msgstr "Fermer toutes les fenêtres"

#: ../src/interface.c:299
msgid "Activate to view content, right click to open in an external viewer."
msgstr ""
"Activez la ligne pour visualiser le contenu, et utilisez le clic droit pour "
"ouvrir un visualiseur externe."

#: ../src/callbacks.c:58
msgid "Choose the Debian package file to view"
msgstr "Paquet Debian à visualiser"

#: ../src/callbacks.c:74
msgid "Debian package files *.deb"
msgstr "Paquets Debian (*.deb)"

#: ../src/callbacks.c:79
msgid "Debian Installer packages *.udeb"
msgstr "Paquets de l'installateur Debian (*.udeb)"

#: ../src/callbacks.c:84
msgid "Debian translation packages *.tdeb"
msgstr "Paquets de traduction Debian (*.tdeb)"

#: ../src/callbacks.c:89
msgid "Debian package changes *.changes"
msgstr "Fichiers de changement des paquets Debian (*.changes)"

#: ../src/support.c:111 ../src/support.c:135
#, c-format
msgid "Couldn't find pixmap file: %s"
msgstr "Fichier pixmap introuvable : %s"

#: ../src/dvarchive.c:300
msgid "Unable to locate package file, the file may be empty."
msgstr "Impossible de trouver le fichier d'archive, probablement vide."

#: ../src/dvarchive.c:307
msgid "Failed to read package file."
msgstr "Ã?chec de la lecture du fichier."

#: ../src/dvarchive.c:312
msgid "Unsupported archive version."
msgstr "Version d'archive non gérée."

#: ../src/dvarchive.c:317
msgid "Possible corrupted file."
msgstr "Fichier probablement corrompu."

#: ../src/dvarchive.c:322
msgid "Not a debian binary archive."
msgstr "Fichier différent d'une archive binaire Debian."

#: ../src/dvarchive.c:327
msgid "Unable to decompress file within package."
msgstr "�chec de la décompression du fichier dans le paquet."

#: ../src/dvarchive.c:335
#, c-format
msgid "Error loading file '%s'. %s"
msgstr "Erreur au chargement du fichier « %s ». %s"

#: ../src/dvarchive.c:386
msgid "Out of memory."
msgstr "Mémoire insuffisante."

#: ../src/dvarchive.c:411
#, c-format
msgid "Error reading from file: %m"
msgstr "Erreur à la lecture du fichier : %m"

#: ../src/dvarchive.c:419
msgid "Unexpected end of file."
msgstr "Fin de fichier inattendue."

#: ../src/dvarchive.c:892
msgid "Package"
msgstr "Paquet"

#: ../src/dvarchive.c:897
msgid "Size"
msgstr "Taille"

#: ../src/dvarchive.c:902
msgid "Location"
msgstr "Emplacement"

#: ../src/dvarchive.c:907
msgid "Debian data"
msgstr "Données Debian"

#: ../src/dvarchive.c:915
msgid "Upstream data"
msgstr "Données amont"

#: ../src/dvarchive.c:1018 ../src/dvarchive.c:1044
msgid "Empty file."
msgstr "Fichier vide."

#: ../src/dvarchive.c:1051
msgid "Error: Failed to convert the contents of the selected file to UTF-8."
msgstr "Erreur : �chec de la conversion du contenu du fichier en UTF-8."

#. todo: fix this translation marker
#: ../src/dvpreview.c:88
#, c-format
msgid "Unable to preview '%s'. %s"
msgstr "�chec de la visualisation de « %s ». %s"

#. Translators: This text is much easier to read with
#. a space after each newline
#: ../src/dvpreview.c:104
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
" deb-gview can use this dot-file in your XDG config directory (default: \n"
" ~/.config/deb-gview/preview) to specify which applications should\n"
" be used to preview files from the package.\n"
" You are free to edit this file, deb-gview will\n"
" not modify it, although it will be replaced if it is\n"
" deleted.\n"
" The first matching pattern will be used, so\n"
" put the most general wildcards (like *) at the end of\n"
" this file.\n"
" "
msgstr ""
" Deb-gview peut utiliser ce fichier caché dans votre répertoire\n"
" personnel (~/.deb-gview/preview) pour indiquer quelles\n"
" applications utiliser pour visualiser les fichiers du paquet.\n"
" Vous pouvez éditer ce fichier, deb-gview ne le modifiera pas,\n"
" même s'il sera remplacé s'il est supprimé.\n"
" Le premier motif correspondant sera utilisé. Veuillez donc\n"
" placer les jokers les plus généraux (comme « * ») à la fin de\n"
" ce fichier.\n"
" "

#: ../src/dvpreview.c:113
msgid ""
"glob-style pattern to match the location of\n"
" the file in the package (not the filesystem).\n"
" "
msgstr ""
"motif « glob-style » correspondant à l'emplacement du fichier\n"
"     dans le paquet (et pas sur le système de fichiers).\n"
" "

#: ../src/dvpreview.c:115
msgid ""
"the program to call to view the file content\n"
" (which must exist in your system PATH).\n"
" "
msgstr ""
"programme à appeler pour visualiser le contenu du fichier\n"
"     (celui-ci doit exister dans votre PATH système).\n"
" "

#: ../src/dvpreview.c:117
msgid ""
"whether to use a terminal, TRUE or FALSE.\n"
" "
msgstr ""
"TRUE pour utiliser un terminal, FALSE sinon.\n"
" "

#: ../src/dvpreview.c:118
msgid ""
"whether the viewer needs a binary file,\n"
" TRUE or FALSE.\n"
" "
msgstr ""
"TRUE si le visualiseur a besoin d'un fichier binaire,\n"
"     FALSE sinon.\n"
" "

#: ../src/dvpreview.c:120
msgid ""
"if the viewer needs a specific suffix, add it here\n"
" "
msgstr ""
"suffixe optionnel pour le visualiseur.\n"
" "

#. package defaults
#: ../src/dvpreview.c:125
msgid " Your choice of terminal application.\n"
msgstr " Application servant de terminal.\n"

#. man pages
#: ../src/dvpreview.c:131 ../src/dvpreview.c:133 ../src/dvpreview.c:134
#: ../src/dvpreview.c:135 ../src/dvpreview.c:136
msgid "manual pages"
msgstr "pages de manuel"

#: ../src/dvpreview.c:376
#, c-format
msgid "No matching pattern in the key file."
msgstr "Aucun motif correspondant dans le fichier de clés."

#: ../src/dvpreview.c:421
#, c-format
msgid "Could not find a suitable viewer in the key file."
msgstr "Aucun visualiseur approprié n'a été trouvé dans le fichier de clés."

#: ../desktop/deb-gview.desktop.in.in.h:1
msgid "Debian Package Viewer"
msgstr "Visualiseur de paquets Debian"

#~ msgid ""
#~ "Copyright 2006 Neil Williams <linux@codehelp.co.uk>,\n"
#~ "1994,1995 Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.greenend.org.uk>"
#~ msgstr ""
#~ "Copyright 2006 Neil Williams <linux@codehelp.co.uk>,\n"
#~ "1994, 1995 Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.greenend.org.uk>"

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