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debian-reference.fr.po update ?


I have not heard from you.  Busy, I guess.  (Anyway, your translation
speed was impressive).

Since remaining translation is so small, it will be nice if you or
others can finish up before not too late.  (I attach it here since it is
so small.)

I also want following FRENCH specilal content with something along the

This Debian Reference (version 2) was translated by Jean-Luc Coulon and
contributions from subscribers of debian-l10n-french@lists.debian.org.

If there were some other major cotributor, please add him too.

If you used portion of Debian Reference (version 1) translation, please
put proper credit citing portion of it was used for which chapter etc in
as short description as possible.

Thanks et Merci!


PS: I see some message on ML for RFR.

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