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Debian WWW CVS commit by spaillard: webwml/french/MailingLists/desc/foreign berlin ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/webwml
Module name:	webwml
Changes by:	spaillard	09/07/30 18:06:30

Modified files:
	french/MailingLists/desc/foreign: berlin-design berlin-reports 
	                                  lcs-eng lsb-discuss lsb-eng 
	                                  lsb-impl lsb-spec 
	                                  other-gnomehack other-sart 

Log message:
	Move french website translation to UTF-8
	It includes updates to advices about encoding: devel/website/examples.wml, international/french/web.wml, international/french/traduire.wml

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