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Re: Moving from old sgml to po(4a) in quick-reference


On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 09:51:01PM +0200, Simon Paillard wrote:
> Hi Osamu and all,
> Stéphane Blondon noticed that the french translation of the Debian
> (Quick) Reference is outdated.
> The point is the format used for the english initial document changed
> over time from sgml to asciidoc and so on.

No.  po4a translation are against stable DocBook XML source :-)

( I got sick of moinmoin instability which forced me to use asciidoc.  I
now see that asciidoc incompatibility between lenny and squeeze is
hitting me again. My Japanese translation efforts are least affected by
these English XML source's source stupidity since XML source is stable.)

> That makes synchronising the translations quite difficult.

Not really. 

> Po files are used by german and japanese teams, but are done with
> respect to xml and not asciidoc (though po4a does support asciidoc :
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=498094 )

I have no intent to use po4a on asciidoc.  I use asciidoc as quick and
easy way to get XML.  I have post processing on XML.

all the asciidoc/*.txt files
 -> debian-reference.raw.xml
  -> debian-reference.en.xml
   -> debian-reference.pot

debian-reference.en.xml + debian-reference.ja.po
 -> debian-reference.ja.xml

> -> Which is the recommended format to build po files from ?

You copy debian-reference.pot to debian-reference.fr.po
> -> What is the best path to get po files ?

make xml

I am updating README.source (incomplete)

> What about :
> 1/ determine the english version used for the last up to date
> translation 

in SVN.
> 2/ convert both files to the recommended format (asciidoc or XML ?) 
> @Osamu: which tool with which options were used ?

$ make xml
$ cd po4a ; cp debian-reference.pot debian-reference.fr.po

> 3/ po4a-gettextize from converted files to get $lang.po 

already done by "make xml"

> 4/ update the $lang.po with respect to the updated (asciidoc|XML)
> english file.

I realized that due to too much changes of base text, I recommend 

 1. read old translation in browser
 2. open debian-reference.fr.po by poedit
 3. copy text as needed but with manual edit-in for tags.

This is what I am doing.

Oh, please report bad english.  (There is even easy target to update all
translation just after english only fix.)

> I think getting a common process prior to english format conversion
> is necessary to ease translations (I faced the same kind of trouble with
> the release-notes, whose format changed).

English XML format is complete.

Only issue is I need to use lenny version of asciidoc to get right XML.


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