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Re: deborphan translation

Quoting Carsten Hey (c.hey@web.de):
> Hi,
> I'll upload a new release of deborphan soon. This will fix a pending
> l10n-bug and introduce a new string. Can somebody please translate it,
> so that the French deborphan translation is up to date again?

CC'ing Jean-Luc who is the original translator, so that he notices.

Carsten, you can actually use the podebconf-report-po utility to send
a call for translations. Yes, even if this is not a debconf

For this, go to the PO directory, take care to have an up-to-date POT
file and do:

podebconf-report-po --podir=. --package=deborphan --notdebconf \
  --deadline="+10days" --call --withtranslators --languageteam

This will send mails to translators, CC them to language teams and,
additionnally, send a mail to debian-i18n in case some new
teams/translators want to use that opportunity to send a new

I even recommend you to do this even if you already manually sent a
call for translations.

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