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Re: Fwd: Slight correction to translations for libwiki-toolkit-perl

Quoting Julien Patriarca (patriarcaj@gmail.com):
> Le mainteneur demande une ou deux corrections sur la traduction.
> Quelle procédure dois je suivre pour mettre à niveau la traduction.


Julien is asking for advice about what to do. Julien is one of our
most recent translators in debian-l10n-french and that explains why
he's not sure about what to do.

>> Due to an oversight, I've had to change very slightly the original
>> English text you recently translated. I've 'unfuzzy'd the po files  
>> since
>> I imagine it's most likely no change is required, but if changes are
>> required feel free to let me have them. po files attached.

I think that the change you made (plural->singular) *requires* an
update of the PO files. After all, we also have to change from plural
to singular.

>> Change in English text:
>> -"procedure will optionally run these hooks to automatically upgrade  
>> the "
>> +"procedure will optionally run this hook to automatically upgrade the 
>> "
>> Sorry for the hassle.

Julien, what you need to do is taking the PO file sent by Dominic,
update the French text according to the plural->singular change and
sent the PO file back to the bug report you opened (just mail
xxxxxx@bugs.debian.org with the new PO file attached).

No need to review by the French team, IMHO. That's a trivial change.

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