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Re: debconf template for anon-proxy

Quoting David Spreen (netzwurm@debian.org):
> hey there,
> I am writing to you because the person who submitted the debconf
> translation to anon-proxy for earlier versions is not in the debian
> keyring and I therefore assume that he is not a dd. As I don't want
> to bother somebody from outside the project to update the translation,
> I am now sending you the old translation and my updated po-file in the
> hope you could update the translation.

This is pretty common for translators to be non-DD's. I'd even say
that it is quite uncommon for translators to be DD's..:-)

I suggest you really trust the PO file headers and send call for
updates to translators anyway. They're usually as trustable as anyone

A common way to handle this is by putting the Language-Team in CC.

I suggest you have a look at the podebconf-report-po utility which is
well-suited for that purpose.

This mail is sent to Philippe Batailler as well but I'll alkso "warn"
him with the PO file you sent for update, following our usual

Anyway, thank you very much, David, for taking care to warn
translators before planned changes. This is always a very welcomed

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