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[TAF] po://davfs2/fr.po 137u

Si la traduction de davfs2 intéresse quelqu'un, les instructions sont
dans le message ci-dessous.

Pour les pages de man, je lui ai suggéré d'utiliser po4a, j'attends la

----- Forwarded message from Werner Baumann <werner.baumann@onlinehome.de> -----

From: Werner Baumann <werner.baumann@onlinehome.de>
To: thomas.huriaux@gmail.com
Subject: davfs2
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2007 17:58:57 +0100


I am developing davfs2 and from the Debian bug tracking system I learned 
that you did a French translation of the debconf messages of this package.

Now I integrated GNU gettext into davfs2 to allow localized messages and 
also started to support man pages in different languages. So I would ask 
whether you, or somebody you know, might be interested in doing French 
translations of the davfs2 messages and/or man pages?

There is not yet a new release, but all the changes are in the CVS 
The message are in http://dav.cvs.sourceforge.net/dav/davfs2/po/, file 
and the man pages are in http://dav.cvs.sourceforge.net/dav/davfs2/man/


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Thomas Huriaux

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