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Debian WWW CVS commit by thuriaux: webwml danish/devel/join/index.wml english/dev ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/webwml
Module name:	webwml
Changes by:	thuriaux	05/05/23 06:29:30

Modified files:
	danish/devel/join: index.wml 
	english/devel/join: index.wml 
	finnish/devel/join: index.wml 
	french/devel/join: index.wml 
	german/devel/join: index.wml 
	hungarian/devel/join: index.wml 
	italian/devel/join: index.wml 
	japanese/devel/join: index.wml 
	polish/devel/join: index.wml 
	portuguese/devel/join: index.wml 
	russian/devel/join: index.wml 
	spanish/devel/join: index.wml 
	swedish/devel/join: index.wml 

Log message:
	Point to $(HOME)/intl/ instead of $(HOME)/devel/website/ when talking
	about i18n
	A few translations were already fixed, others are now fixed and versions

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