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Re: Bug#299278: French programs translation

> > Common sense may however be applied here : as long as you keep having
> > a fr_FR translation, you depriving other french speaking users a good
> > French translation. If, in the future, you feel for the need of
> > variants, you can still keep a fr.po file and add fr_FR, fr_CA,
> > whatever....which all have to be maintained.*
> >
> Good to know.
> Ok, I'll make that change.

Thanks for taking care. THis is really appreciated.

> > Well, then you probably want to check spaces before colons in the
> > original fr_FR.po files..:-)
> Seems ok to me:

I'm sure I found ne missing...anyway, don't worry..:)

> My personal stance on translation is:
>    a translation is no good if the translation is meaningless without
>    understanding the original untranslated word.
> Bogue cannot be understood without a little understanding of
> "bug". Anomalie can. So bogue is a bad translation, anomalie is the
> good one. The point of translation is to avoid people to learn another

Debian is consistent about "bogue". We use it...:-)

And this is used as well in many places (AFNIC comes to my mind) so I
think we can now safely assume that this is indeed understood. For
sure, "anomalie" is fine as well. It probably just lacks the
interesting analogy with the original English....but, well, we could
debate this over and over...IMHO, you can safely replace "bug" by
"anomalie" if you really object to "bogue"

> language in order to use a software; providing translations that
> cannot be understood without learning another language obvious defeat
> this purpose.
> The same goes for "mél" instead of "courriel", all these translations
> are way more annoying than angliscisms.

Fine. debian-l10n-french has established "courriel" as its standard...:)

> common. But... I'm afraid it will probably not happen. For reasons
> similar that most distros (debian apart!) use the word "paquetage" as
> translation of package, which is plainly wrong according to all
> sensible dictionnaires (deliberately excluding some dictionnaries from
> Quebec that made as principle confusing popularity and legitimacy). 

Yep. "paquetage" reminds me my army time and I don't like
that...... Paquet is obviously correct and of course Debian is right again....

> I want and I will make any change necessary for consistency, as long
> as it does not contradict french established practices - that would be
> a major consistency flaw.
> But now I realize that maybe you wanted to capitalize only because you
> treat it as a "nom propre". In that case, that would be indeed
> acceptable according to french rules (unlike capitalizing several
> common words just as installation in "Date d'installation"; I thought
> it was this kind of change). Is that what you meant?

That's right. The rationale for using "Internet" was considering it a
"nom propre" (bon sang, comment on dit ça en anglais?). That was the
point of our debate, indeed, and a higher consensus was reached to
make it considered as is (also influenced by the common use in
"literature" about the Internet).

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