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Re: [RFR] po-debconf://logcheck/fr.po

Quoting Rémi Pannequin (remi.pannequin@laposte.net):

> >s/named "logcheck"/prefixed with "logcheck-"/
> >s/containing minimal/containing/
> >s/"(packagename)"/named "(packagename)"/
> > For this line I like to know that (packagename) is meant as
> >placeholder
> >for *any* packagename people might install. So you should translate
> >packagename into your local language, and mark it special (done with
> >the brackets in english).
> Sur ce point, je n'ai rien compris. Quelqu'un peut m'aider ?

TU peux "traduire" (packagename) par (nom_du_paquet)

> >s/ or "local"/, or named "local" respectively prefixed with "local-"/

Là, tu t'en fiches car "local" se traduit par "local" en français.

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