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[d-i] Etat dans le CVS des questionnaires debconf 2004/02/22

  debian-installer/tools/bugreporter-udeb: 3t1u  [Christian Perrier]
  debian-installer/tools/cdrom-detect: 23t1u  [Pierre Machard]
  debian-installer/tools/kbd-chooser: 11t1f  [Christian Perrier]
  debian-installer/tools/netcfg: 66t1f  [Philippe Batailler]
  debian-installer/tools/prebaseconfig: 7t4f4u  [Christian Perrier]
  debian-installer/utils: 10t1u  [Christian Perrier]

Missing file: debian-installer/tools/languagechooser/debian/po/fr.po

All debian-installer PO files merged together: fr.po  815t6f7u

Global statistics: 1088t6f8u   (98%)

PO files are available at http://people.debian.org/~barbier/d-i/l10n/fr/

Files fetched and report generated on: Sun Feb 22 04:38:46 UTC 2004

If you want to update a translation, please *always* contact the previous
translator in order to prevent duplication of work.  His mail address can
be found in the PO file.  Other informations are also available at
please read these instructions before updating PO files.

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