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Re: Debian-installer report (i386, translations, logics...)

Op vr 10-10-2003, om 07:59 schreef Christian Perrier:
> I would suggest adopting a policy for the language order. Of course,
> determining the "most important" languages is a very delicate thing as
> everyone would like to have his own language listed on the first page.
> Finding a realistic criterion would be Good, maybe. Either the most
> used languages all over the world, or the languages for which Debian
> is most translated (french would become first, maybe.. :-))),

I think that is the best approach. It's objective, easy to calculate,
and a useful ordering, too (translations that are 15% finished will not
be as useful as translations that are 100% complete, so if one misses
that, it won't be as much of a problem).

[not sticking my nose in anything else...]

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