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Debian WWW CVS commit by djpig: webwml dutch/intro/why_debian.wml spanish/intr ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/webwml
Module name:	webwml
Changes by:	djpig	03/10/04 18:22:40

Modified files:
	dutch/intro    : why_debian.wml 
	spanish/intro  : why_debian.wml 
	korean/intro   : why_debian.wml 
	japanese/intro : why_debian.wml 
	russian/intro  : why_debian.wml 
	croatian/intro : why_debian.wml 
	english/intro  : why_debian.wml 
	bulgarian/intro: why_debian.wml 
	catalan/intro  : why_debian.wml 
	italian/intro  : why_debian.wml 
	danish/intro   : why_debian.wml 
	hungarian/intro: why_debian.wml 
	portuguese/intro: why_debian.wml 
	german/intro   : why_debian.wml 
	slovene/intro  : why_debian.wml 
	swedish/intro  : why_debian.wml 
	polish/intro   : why_debian.wml 
	chinese/intro  : why_debian.wml 
	norwegian/intro: why_debian.wml 
	french/intro   : why_debian.wml 
	finnish/intro  : why_debian.wml 
	greek/intro    : why_debian.wml 

Log message:
	Update outdated links and remove doubled link from
	German and Finnish translation.

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