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Problemes avec quelques termes techniques dans preparing.sgml

Bonjour, quelques termes m'échappent dans preparing.sgml :

hard drive memory :
    System commands or tools in another operating system, including
    file manager displays. This source is especially useful for
    information about RAM and hard drive memory.
Kesako ?

placeholder :
    In order for OpenFirmware to automatically boot &debian; the Linux
    partitions should appear before all other partitions on the disk,
    especially MacOS boot partitions. This should be kept in mind when
    pre-partitioning; you should create a Linux placeholder partition
    to come <em>before</em> the other bootable partitions on the disk.
J'en comprends le sens, mais je ne trouve pas de traduction satisfaisante.

disk driver partitions :
    The <prgn/Apple Drive Setup/ application can be found in the
    <file/Utilities/ folder on the MacOS CD. It will not adjust existing
    partitions; it is limited to partitioning the entire disk at once.
    The disk driver partitions don't show up in <prgn/Drive Setup/.


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