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Translations for the debian web site unmaintained

This is a automatically generated mail sent to you
because you are the official translator of some pages
in french of the Debian web site.

I send you what I think you want. (ie what is in my DB).
 That is to say:
   summary: weekly
   logs: never
   diff: never
   tdiff: never
   file: never
   missing: monthly
   Compression=none  (not implemented)

 You can ask to change:
  - the frequency of these mails
    (never, monthly, weekly, daily)
  - the parts you want
    - The list of the work to do in a summarized form
    - diff between the version you translated and the current one
    - log between the version you translated and the current one
    - the file you translated (to avoid to download it before to work)
  - your email adress
  - the compression level (none,gzip or bzip2), even if I'll ignore it
    because this feature is not implemented yet ;)

For more informations, contact your team coordinator, or
the maintainer of this script (mquinson@ens-lyon.fr).

Thanks, and sorry for the annoyance.
NeedToUpdate french/related_links.wml from version 1.10 to version 1.34
NeedToUpdate french/distrib/vendors.wml from version 1.58 to version 1.60
NeedToUpdate french/events/index.wml from version 1.13 to version 1.29
NeedToUpdate french/events/2001/0704-debcon.wml from version 1.5 to version 1.6
Unknown status of french/international/French.wml (revision should be 1.7)
NeedToUpdate french/international/Italian.wml from version 1.3 to version 1.4
NeedToUpdate french/international/Korean.wml from version 1.23 to version 1.24
NeedToUpdate french/intro/cooperation.wml from version 1.4 to version 1.6
NeedToUpdate french/releases/slink/running-kernel-2.2.wml from version 1.14 to version 1.20
NeedToUpdate french/vote/howto_result.wml from version 1.3 to version 1.4

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