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Finnsh and d-i 3rd "level"

Tapio and other Finnish translators,

The current statistics for Finnish in Debian Installer l10n statistics
show that the only missing translations for what we called "level3"
are xdebconfigurato and "localization-config".

These two packages are meant to be called in d-i 2nd stage. They do
not input users, but just show a menu entry in base-config (thus only
appearing for installs at medium and low priority)

So, just for being fully translated in Finnish, we would need to have
these two packages templates translated.

May some of you do the work?


...then send the fi.po files as bug reports against xdebconfigurator
and localization-config

Many thanks in advance...

Speaking of level4...that's a bit more work..:-)

    *apt/po/fi.po: 458t1f0u [Tapio Lehtonen]
    *debconf/po/fi.po: 60t1f5u [Tommi Vainikainen]
Missing files:
  dpkg/po/fi.po 1016u

The latter is of course a tremendous work...

I suggest making your best for completing apt and debconf, possibly.


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