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Bezonas helpon por traduki la 'gnome-glossary'-dosieron.

Estimataj ĉiuj, mi bezonas helpon por traduki la dosieron 'gnome-glossary'.

Laŭ vi, kiel oni tradukas ĉi tiujn konceptojn :

Orthflow ;
Pearson Correlation ("Statistical concept to describe the correlation coefficient between two variants.") ;
Pooled Variance ;
Progress Bar ;
Rating ;
Readout ;
Receptivity  ("Synonymous with Sensitivity.") ;
Shaped text ;
Skewness  ("The difference between what is and what should be-for example, the misalignment of a page that prevents accurate reproduction, or the difference between input and output when circuits do not respond evenly to a propagated signal.") ;
Slashed Cross ;
Slider ("A control used to set a value and give a visual indication of the setting") ;
Snooze ;
Soft keys ("A user-created display object that can be assigned an accelerator key combination and is linked to an operation or process.") ;
Solid model  ("A geometric shape or construction that has continuity in length, width, and depth and is treated by a program as if it had both surface and internal substance.") ;
Spam ;
Stock Ticker ;
Stripchart program ;
Timing ;
TODO List ;
Type bindings ;
Type mismatch ;
Viewport  ("A specified window on a display surface that marks the limits of a display.") ;
Volume   ("1. A disk or tape that stores computer data. Sometimes, large hard disks are divided into several volumes, each of which is treated as a separate disk. 2. The loudness of an audio signal.") ;
X Align ;

Mi proponas :
"X Align" = X Vico.
Viewport = Vidhaveno.

Dankon pro via helpo.
Serge Leblanc
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