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Re: Review of debconf template for jalview

Hello Justin,

First, thanks for your quick and detailed answer with the template proposal! It is very helpful.

Le 27/02/2021 à 17:05, Justin B Rye a écrit :
Pierre Gruet wrote:
I have written the debconf template of the package jalview; could you please
give me your opinion and possible suggestions for improvement if time

The template can be found at
or is also below.

That isn't the debconf template, it's the potfile.  It's easier to
work from the original templates file, so I'll fetch that.

Oops yes, sorry about this.

Looking at the package description for some context I can see a couple
of problems with that, too.  Mainly just that it assumes "alignment"
(in a "science" package) must be talking about biology - it might be
referring to geological alignments!  So there should be at least one
mention of "genetic or protein sequence alignments", or whatever it is
that it's talking about exactly.

Also, there's a possible missing plural ending (it's hard to be sure)
and a surplus space before the final exclamation mark!

Thanks for also looking at the package description. I adopted your recommendations.

> [...]

  This is a convenience for users but can be deactivated as it causes an
  automatic ping to www.jalview.org/services/identifiers, which records usage
  Users can only override this preference from their own configuration file.

So they can't override it from... somebody else's configuration file?
Ah, coming back to this from later templates I deduce that the "only"
is here because it *can't* be done via the GUI.  That's confusing if
I'm reading them in this order.  Make it:

    Individual users can override this setting in their configuration file.

OK, now I understand what was confusing.


  Logs for the questionnaire service are used to record usage statistics, and
  anonymised cookies are stored in the user's preferences to track whether they
  have completed the latest questionnaire.
  Users can enable or disable this query from their own configuration file, or
  from the Preferences window in the application.

When SF writers warned about a dystopian future of being tracked by
DNA databases I never thought it would be like this.



Template: jalview/htmltemplates
Type: boolean
Default: true
_Description: Allow downloading HTML templates automatically from Github?

As usual it's about whether it's automatic, not whether it's allowed:

   _Description: Automatically download HTML templates from Github?

I will definitively have this "Allowing" discussion in mind next time...!


Okay, modified version and diff attached.

Again, thanks for your time for proofreading! I did not answer to everything but appreciated each remark.

All the best,

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