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Re: Bug#980903: debhelper: doc-base doc-id deduplication does not work as documented with multiple "dh_installdocs -p<pkg>" calls; causes /usr/share/doc-base/<doc-id> to be installed multiple times

Control: severity -1 important

Hi Niels,

I've now added one paragraph to the POD of dh_installdocs:

  Please be aware that this deduplication currently only works if
  B<dh_installdocs> is called only once during the package build as
  deduplication is done in memory only. Especially calling
  B<dh_installdocs -p>I<package> in combination with using
  F<debian/>I<package>F<.doc-base.*> files can lead to uninstallable
  packages. See L<https://bugs.debian.org/980903> for details.

Cc'ing debian-l10n-english@l.d.o for input on this phrasing as per

I also regenerated to .po files and committed them, too, in a separate
commit and pushed both commits to master.

Axel Beckert wrote:
> > Assuming you wish to have this fixed for bullseye,
> As I wrote, I'm fine with proper documentation on this as alternative
> to a code change as I do see that there is a potential for regressions
> even though I don't see yet where actually a regression would be
> possible. (But that's a common property of regressions, isn't it.)
> So unless someone else does a (positive) review of my proposed patch,
> I won't commit that one to the master branch.

Didn't get any feedback so far, so I went down the "document the
issue" route. Downgraded the bug report accordingly with this mail,

> >  1) Please base your work on debhelper's master branch.

Done for the documentation part. Will rebase the other branch with the
actual fix later, too.

> >  2) I will expect you to handle the relevant release engineering
> >     (i.e. uploads, unblock requests as necessary, etc.) along
> >     with tackling regressions for this feature should any occurs.
> Will do.
> >     (Feel free to upload debhelper using "Team Upload" rather than "NMU"
> >     rules.)
> Yep, as mentioned, I still feel like belonging to the team, despite
> more in a fifth wheel way with you being the other four wheels. ;-)
> >  3) Please do a call for updates to existing translations once you are
> >     done
> Done in git or done with a first upload?
> >     - I am fine with doing a translation-only update after you are done,
> >       so you do not need to follow up on that (unless you change strings
> >       after the calls for translations).
> Ok, thanks. So I assume my question above is answered by "done with a
> first upload".

I still think I should first ask debian-l10n-english. Done herewith,
see above.

		Regards, Axel
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