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debconfig-common new template text review


I'm proposing a change to debconfig-common in the following merge request:


And Paul Gevers, reviewing it, thought it was better to review the
template text before accepting the merge. With that, would you mind
reviewing the text bellow and checking if there is anything that could
be more clear to the end user ?


 Template: dbconfig-common/mysql/authplugin
  Type: select
  __Choices: default, mysql_native_password, sha256_password,
  Default: default
  _Description: Authentication plugin for MySQL database:
~  This option defines the MySQL authentication plugin to be used when
~  creating new users through dbconfig-common. Most of the times, default
+  will be enough, and will not specify a particular plugin, letting
+  MySQL to chose its default authentication plugin. Some dbconfig-common
+  consumers might change the default because of compatibility reasons.
~  - default: MySQL will use its default authentication plugin.
   - mysql_native_password: no MySQL authentication plugin is used.
   - sha256_password: a more secure password encryption than native.
   - caching_sha2_password: provides in-memory authentication cache.



By upgrading to MySQL 8 (on-going work), some PHP related packages
need to change default authentication plugin in MySQL 8
(caching_sha2_password, the default, does not work), so php libs, not
using libmysql, are still able to authenticate, for example.

This debconfig-common option will give the user, or even better, a
specific package, a configuration variable through debconf (or through
a variable in .config file of a package) allowing it to change the
default MySQL authentication plugin for all users being created
through dbconfig-common (only for that package/consumer).

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,
Rafael D. Tinoco

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