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Re: release-notes: small fixes to whats-new.dbk

Hi Andrei,

On 14-04-2019 20:55, Andrei POPESCU wrote:
> While reviewing the Romanian translation I found some typos in the 
> English version. There is also one small rewording included so CCing 
> -l10n-english.
> Please find attached a patch generated with 'git diff >'.

You seem to have forgotten to attach the patch.

> I can also commit it directly to git or submit a merge request for it, 
> as you prefer.

Instead of plain messages, I prefer to either process this via a
classical bts bug report or one of your options above. Some contributors
don't follow git changes well, so if you need advice on the language I
recommend using the bts. Otherwise, just committing is fine, as well as
an MR if your slightly less sure.


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