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Re: buster and the release notes

Justin B Rye:
> Paul Gevers wrote:
>> Dear all,
> (I'm dropping just debian-i18n)
> [...]
>> * l10n-english could do a review of the current text of all chapters,
>> keeping in mind that especially the issues.dbk file will keep receiving
>> updates during the releasing process, so the other files make more sense
>> to check first.
> I had noticed some paragraphs of issues.dbk that could be improved,
> but nothing very dramatic.
>> The about.dbk, installing.dbk, moreinfo.dbk and
>> release-notes.dbk have close to zero changed or added text, so if the
>> previous release notes were acceptable, those files are fine already.
> As long as (for instance) the material about ports in installing.dbk
> is up to date, yes, the "perennial" sections seem to be in good shape.
> How about upgrading.dbk and whatsnew.dbk?
> [...]


The "upgrading.dbk" historically had release-specific content "hidden"
deeply within selected sections.  In stretch we took an effort to
extract that to "issues.dbk" so the "routined" administrator would only
have to read "issues.dbk" for potential problems.

IOW: upgrading.dbk should be in a state where we can close it (assuming
we got all the release specific issues moved to issues - I do not
remember and I did not have time to check).

For whatsnew.dbk, then that depends on whether we have our "sales
pitches" for buster ready and included.  The only thing I am aware of
that is out and hanging is secure boot (which is currently will WIP),
but honestly I have not been paying too much attention to release-notes
this time.  But if nothing else, it can most likely become "append-only".


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