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Re: Bug#888202: stretch->buster: reminder that kernel should be >= 3.2 before upgrade

Hi Justin,

On 20-02-2019 21:29, Justin B Rye wrote:
> So the full paragraph would be something like:
>           Starting with <systemitem role="source">glibc</systemitem> 2.26, Linux
>           kernel 3.2 or later is required. To avoid completely breaking the system,
>           the preinst for <systemitem role="package">libc6</systemitem> performs a
>           check. If this fails, it will abort the package installation, which will
>           leave the upgrade unfinished.  If the system is running a kernel older
>           than 3.2, please update it before starting the distribution upgrade.

Thanks for the review, I have committed this to the notes:


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