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Bug#895480: gnome-power-manager: package Description is outdated and misleading

Package: gnome-power-manager
Version: 3.4.0-2
Severity: normal
X-Debbugs-Cc: debian-l10n-english@lists.debian.org, debian-gtk-gnome@lists.debian.org

gnome-power-manager's Description says:

>Description: power management tool for the GNOME desktop
> GNOME Power Manager is a session daemon for the GNOME desktop
> that takes care of system or desktop events related to power, and
> triggers actions accordingly. Its philosophy is to completely hide
> these complex tasks and only show some settings important to the user.
> .
> GNOME power manager displays and manages battery status, power plug
> events, display brightness, CPU, graphics card and hard disk drive
> power saving, and can trigger suspend-to-RAM, hibernate or shutdown
> events, all integrated to other components of the GNOME desktop.

However, this hasn't been true since oldoldstable. The power management
daemon functionality was moved to gnome-settings-daemon in GNOME 3.2,
and the daemon was deleted from gnome-power-manager, leaving only the
gnome-power-statistics application.

I think the description should be more like this:

Description: power statistics viewer for the GNOME desktop
 GNOME Power Statistics displays detailed information about battery
 status, including charging and discharging rates.
 This package previously contained background services that triggered
 actions in response to power-related events, but the
 gnome-settings-daemon package is now responsible for providing those

Perhaps the package should also be renamed to gnome-power-statistics,
with a transitional gnome-power-manager package that depends on
gnome-power-statistics and gnome-settings-daemon. That would incidentally
also resolve <https://bugs.debian.org/822632> by providing a way to get
the gnome-power-statistics tool without gnome-settings-daemon.

(I'm not sure how maintained this package is any more; it had a release
earlier this year, but very little is changing, and there are plans
upstream for gnome-usage to grow a Power panel, which would mostly
obsolete gnome-power-statistics.)


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