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Review of new English templates for minissdpd


I've added the attached new template to minissdpd. Please let me know if
you see issues in it and send us the corrections.


Template: minissdpd/start_daemon
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Start the MiniSSDP daemon automatically?
 Choose this option if the MiniSSDP daemon should start automatically,
 now and at boot time.

Template: minissdpd/listen
Type: string
_Description: LAN network to listen on for UPnP queries:
 The MiniSSDP daemon will listen for requests on the local network. It will
 drop all queries that are not come from the set network. Please enter the LAN
 interface / IP address (with CIDR) it should listen on.
 Interface name is preferred, and required if you plan to enable IPv6 port

Template: minissdpd/ip6
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Enable IPv6 listerning?
 Please specify whether the MiniSSDP daemon should listen for IPv6 queries.

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