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New debconf templates for apt-listchanges


I added four new debconf templates for apt-listchanges a week ago.
Could you please review them and make suggestions how to improve them?

Template: apt-listchanges/email-format
Type: select
__Choices: text, html
Default: text
_Description: Format of e-mail messages:
 Please choose a format of e-mail copies of the displayed changes.
  text      : plain text message;
  html      : html data with clickable links.

Template: apt-listchanges/headers
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Should apt-listchanges insert headers before changelogs?
 apt-listchanges can insert a header before each package's changelog
 showing the name of the package, and the names of the binary packages
 which are being upgraded (when different from the source package name).
 Note however that displaying headers might make the output a bit harder
 to read as they might contain long lists of names of binary packages.

Template: apt-listchanges/no-network
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Disable retrieving changes over network?
 In rare cases when a binary package does not contain changelog file,
 apt-listchanges by default executes 'apt-get changelog' command
 that tries to download changelog entries from network.
 This behavior can be disabled with this option what might be useful
 for example for systems with limited network connectivity.

Template: apt-listchanges/reverse
Type: boolean
Default: false
_Description: Show changes in the reverse order?
 By default apt-listchanges shows changes for each package in the order
 of their appearance in the relevant changelog or news files - from the
 most recent version of the package to the most oldest one.
 Optionally apt-listchanges can display changes in the opposite order,
 that some people might find more natural: from the oldest changes in
 the package to the newest ones.


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