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Question About Configuring Macchange in Ubuntu 16.04

Hi there! I am a novice Ubuntu user with virtually zero preliminary
training with configuring programs or security software on Linux.

I am trying to learn the ropes with basic security software in Ubuntu
and I am trying to setup the MAC spoofing software macchange, using the
command sudo get-apt install macchange.

When I attempt to install on ubuntu 16.04 i get this message:

Configuring macchanger ├─────────────────────────┐
 │ Please specify whether macchanger should be set up to run
automatically   │
 │ every time a network device is brought up or down. This gives a new
MAC   │
 │ address whenever you attach an ethernet cable or reenable
wifi.           │
 │ Change MAC automatically?  [Y/N]

Now, I was not sure which to choose, I googled the message and it
appears some people who chose yes on Debian were unable to connect to
their wifi.

I was wondering if you could help explain to me what this configuration
setting means, how it relates to MAC spoofing, and what I should choose
for the installation? If an error occurs, what should I do to remedy it?
Also, what are the potential real-life applications for macchange and
how can I use the program effectively?

I apologize for this rambling email and I understand if you are too busy
to help. I know you do not have time to fully explain and rewrite this
to everyone. LEt me know if you have any time to help.

best regards,


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