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Opinion on bug 831726 Very confusing prompt regarding administrative database passwords

Hi d-l10n-english,

I recently got the bug report against my package dbconfig-common (which
you reviewed multiple times the last couple of years) below. What do you
think, should we improve the template (as suggested)?

PS: no need to reply to me directly, I read the bug.

On Mon, 18 Jul 2016 20:39:01 +0200 Iustin Pop <iustin@debian.org> wrote:
> I'm installing db-common for the first time, so I'm not familiar with
> its configuration or even what is its purpose (installing as a
> dependency).
> During installation, I'm presented with a debconf prompt, which says:
> "By default […] These passwords will be stored in debconf's
> configuration database only for as long as they are needed.
> This behavior can be disabled, in which case the passwords will remain
> in the debconf database […] though this is less secure and thus not the
> default setting.".
> Then the prompt follows: "Keep "administrative" database passwords?
> Yes/No".
> This is very confusing. The prompt talks about default setting vs.
> non-default, but then follows with a 'yes/no'. Is yes the default? or
> No?
> The prompt is also confusing as it asks about "keeping" the passwords,
> but the initial explanation says that both options keep the password,
> just for different amounts of time.
> I would suggest asking "keep passwords in debconf (unsecure) yes/no" or
> something similar.

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