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Re: Last part of the proposed changes to debian-faq

Beatrice Torracca wrote:
> The page https://www.debian.org/ports/ indeed says that avr32 (not
> arv32 as it was spelled here) and m32 have been suspended/abandoned. Sh is
> listed as currently underway. 
> Looking at that page I could propose to change that paragraph to
> «The development of binary distributions of Debian for hurd-i386 (for GNU
> Hurd kernel on i386 32 bit PCs), mips64el (for 64 bit MIPS in
> little-endian mode), or1k (for OpenRISC 1200 open source CPUs),
> powerpcspe (port for the "Signal Processing Engine" hardware), sparc64
> (for 64 bit SPARC processors), sh (for Hitachi SuperH processors), and
> x32 (for amd64/x86_64 CPUs using 32-bit pointers) is currently
> underway.»

I vaguely remembered hearing about or1k, but it isn't (for instance)
on "https://wiki.debian.org/Glossary"; so I went looking it up on
"https://wiki.debian.org/OpenRISC";, where I read:

 * 2016-02-11: openrisc.debian.net shut down, project officially
	declared dead due to copyright issues.

(The blog link doesn't explain in detail what issues these are; it
just links to a post on a mailinglist that isn't there any longer.)

So I suppose "https://www.debian.org/ports/"; needs an update.
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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