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Re: FAQ.html and MANUAL.html, was Re: fwd: Re: Re: Please review changed man-file of w3m

Hello Justin,

Justin B Rye schrieb am 31. März 2015 um 22:13

> >> Oh, yes, I was distracted by real life (and then the reminders were
> >> filed in last year's mail archives).  Okay, I'll get back to looking
> >> at README.func this afternoon.
> > I assume README.func, FAQ.html and MANUAL.html are good enough to be
> > passed to Tatsuya. I would need this improved and official English
> > versions (or, @tatsuya, preferentially, derived pot-files) as material
> > for my German translations.

> I don't seem to be finding the time to do another whole reviewing
> pass on the FAQ and MANUAL, and now I need to start concentrating on
> the Jessie release notes, so yes, let's call them done.

I started to translate manpage w3m.1 and w3mman.1.in and would like to
translate as well README.func, FAQ.html and MANUAL.html. It seems that
your improved versions of these files have not been passed to Tatsuya,
the maintainer of w3m. But with mail


I indicated Tatsuya where to get these versions that should be
included in the sources.

Best regards

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