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Re: Help wanted for template improvements [Bug#805455]

Perhaps say "you can see what will be done by just looking at
/.../.../.../the_script_that_is_about_to_be_run " That way users could
be sure that saying Yes won't cause it to go hog wild and gobble up
precious data.

Or just add "Run /.../the_script_that_is_about_to_be_run/ ?"
That way you would only have to translate one word.

Else, for us regular user people running apt-get upgrade,
to find out what script is about to be run would take a week long
research mission.

In fact running pstree -al in another window while a question is sitting
there waiting for an answer just shows some whiptail things and not
enough path information to dig out what is really where.

And the user digs around in the phpmyadmin .deb looking for what is
being run, only to finally Google that the strings in question lie in a
debconf package...

It is almost as if it was purposely obfuscated. Anyway, I guarantee it
will take several days for regular users to dig out what script is about
to be run unless you tell them...

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