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Re: Bug#793938: [LCFC] templates://openstreetmap-carto/{templates}

On 23-08-15 11:46, Justin B Rye wrote:
> Sebastiaan Couwenberg wrote:
>> Justin B Rye wrote:
>>> We never did find out *why* this package downloads stuff from the
>>> Internet.
>> Because it needs the Natural Earth data to render the default style. The
>> shapefiles are referenced in the various style sources (.mml files).
> Lots of Debian software requires data files.  Normally the result is
> that these dependencies go into data packages, like for instance
> openstreetmap-icons.
>> Updates to the various shapefiles happen separately from each other,
>> they get aggregated in openstreetmap-carto to assemble it into a worldmap.
>> The above is only a clearification, don't quote it in the debconf templates.
> If I ever found out why this package downloads stuff from the
> Internet rather than just expressing a dependency on a data package
> that contains it, I would ask for that information to go in the
> package description.
> Is it perhaps because the data is non-free?
>  (No, that can't be right or it wouldn't be in main.)
> Is it perhaps because the dataset requires very frequently updates?
>  (In which case I might want to re-run the installer regularly...)
> Is it perhaps because the dataset is huge?
>  (In which case I might want to schedule the install for the weekend.)

The latter two seem to be applicable to openstreetmap-carto, the data is
not non-free.

> Whatever the explanation is, it would probably only require the
> addition of a single word into the phrase "necessary shapefiles" in
> the long description - something like "up-to-date" or "multigigabyte".
> (I don't know why it is that package descriptions for downloader
> packages are always so unclear about the point of the exercise, but
> your package hit debian-l10n-english at the same time as two others
> that were equally uninformative - in one case supposedly for legal
> reasons!)

That's easily explained by their respective upstreams being equally
unclear about those issues.

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