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Re: Bug#789798: [RFR] New grub-installer-template

Quoting Justin B Rye (justin.byam.rye@gmail.com):

> > (eventually arrange the tenses as the above if likely to be Frenglish
> > wrt to tenses)
> The tenses are fine (the only Frenglish you've got there is
> "eventually"), but if the default is still "*do* add GRUB", that

Do, I know about "eventually" but I'm still doing that mistake too
often. Well, that probably combines well with my bioutifoule akssente.

Thanks again, Justin, for kindly correcting me...:-)
(that one is probably en_FR again)

> last sentence might still give a wrong impression of the results of
> inaction.
> Maybe we could say:
>    Occasionally this is not desired (for instance on systems that PXE boot
>    and then chainload). If you reject this option, the NVRAM will be left
>    untouched.

Seems perfect to me....

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