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Re: Recommended width of prewrapped debconf lines

Quoting Paul Gevers (elbrus@debian.org):
> Hi,
> During the review of the debconf templates for dbconfig-common, we
> introduced several paragraphs which had lists. We used the format to
> indent the lists, such that debconf will not word-wrap the resulting
> paragraphs. However, now that I am receiving the translations, I am
> wondering what to do with some not so nicely wrapped ones. Three
> questions come to mind:
> 1) What happens if the translation at first is not wrapped (I guess the
> line will only be displayed for as much space there is in the display)?
> 2) What is the recommended maximum width for the pre-wrapped paragraphs?
> 3) Some paragraphs contain a replacement, so we don't know yet how long
> the line will be. Was that less smart to do?

All this is tricky..:-)

1) the best is asking the translator to notice the wrapping and do
his|her best to  do it properly.

2) I'd say 72 characters

3) very tricky. Guess the maximum size and leave as much space as

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