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New debconf template for Nova and Neutron


I wish to add the below new Debconf template in Nova (re-wrapped for
sending by email):

Template: nova/metadata_secret
Type: password
_Description: Metadata proxy shared secret:
 When using Neutron to handle the networking, VM instances retrive their
 metadata information through the Neutron metadata agent, which serves
 as a proxy to the Nova metadata server.
 To protect communication between the Neutron metadata proxy agent and
 the Nova metadata REST API server, communications are protected using
 a password shared between Neutron and Nova. Please enter this
 password. Note that the the same password should be used when setting
 up the neutron-metadata-agent package.

The same template will be added to the neutron-metadata-agent package,
replacing "neutron-metadata-agent" by "nova-common" on the last sentence.

Please review the wording above and let me know if it's ok or not.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

P.S: Obviously, this will *not* be included in Jessie.

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