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Re: Re: Please review changed man-file of w3m

Hello Justin,

Justin B Rye schrieb am 10. Nov 2014 um 00:46

> >>>        -cookie, -no-cookie
> >>> 	      accept and use cookies, neither accept nor use cookies
> >> 
> >> What's the difference between accepting and using cookies, anyway?
> > 
> > I assume we need to care for this paragraph of README.cookies 
> > 
> >     * You can disable cookie on the Option Setting Panel. In this case
> >     all cookies are rejected, however, cookies which accepted before
> >     disable cookie are used.
> > 
> > I found out that
> > 
> >     CLI-option    | is equivalent to 
> > ------------------|---------------------------------
> >     -cookie       | use_cookie=1 AND accept_cookie=1
> >     -no-cookie    | use_cookie=0 AND accept_cookie=0
> It makes sense now.  We could express this as
>       -cookie, -no-cookie
>          use cookies and accept new ones, or do neither
> but what I've done below is just avoid mentioning the distinction
> between "use" and "accept":
>       -cookie, -no-cookie
>          turn cookie-handling on or off

I would prefer mentioning the distinction. 

"cookie-handling" would be more acceptable when combined with a hint
that this options corresponds to the variables accept_cookie and
use_cookies in .w3m/config.

> Okay, by now the changes I'm making are mostly small stylistic changes
> which are small enough that I can also manage applying them to the
> groff source...

I only want to pass a few annotations to your manpage file w3m_4.2.


>       [...] frames but it ignores JavaScript and Cascading Style
>       Sheets. W3M can also serve as a general purpose browser and
>       pager (like "more" or "less") for text files named as
>       arguments, passed on standard input, or accessed via the net.

Maybe we can renounce the parenthesis with more and less and shorten
the last phrase a bit:

       W3M can also serve as a general purpose browser and pager for
       text passed in files, on standard input, or accessed via the

>       When given one or more command line arguments, W3M will
>       attempt to work out the target's MIME type before deciding how
>       to handle it. Web URLs provide W3M with content-type headers;
>       for relative or absolute file system paths, W3M relies on
>       filenames.

instead of "work out" more concrete: 

       When given one or more command line arguments, W3M will handle
       targets according to content type. For web URLs, this
       information is delivered as HTTP header value and for relative
       or absolute file system paths, W3M relies on filenames.

>       With no argument, W3M expects data from STDIN and assumes
>       "text/plain" unless another MIME type is given by the user.

Maybe we should use "standard input" instead of "STDIN" in the
descriptive first paragraphs of the manpage. We used "standard input"
in the first paragraph of section DESCRIPTION.

>       -cookie, -no-cookie
>              turn cookie-handling on or off

       -cookie, -no-cookie
              turn cookie-handling on or off. Corresponds the pair of
              boolean variables accept_cookie and use_cookie in
              configuration files

>       -post file
>              use POST method to upload data defined in file. The syntax to be
>              used is var1=value1[&var2=value2]...

Maybe we should use the typewriter font for the file's content 

               used is \fCvar1=value1[&var2=value2]...\fP

>       -4     IPv4 only (equivalent to -o dns_order=4)
>       -6     IPv6 only (equivalent to -o dns_order=6)

I think there is more sense in a hint to the items in the
configuration files than in providing a second way of setting the
value of the configuration variable

      -4     IPv4 only. Corresponds to dns_order=4 in
              configuration files

      -6     IPv6 only. Corresponds to dns_order=6 in
              configuration files

>   Options for data output (with immediate exit):

I personally dislike appended information in parenthesis. Can we use
"followed by"

   Options for data output, followed by immediate exit:
   Options for data output, immediate exit after operation:
   Options to request data, immediate exit after delivery
   data request options, immediate exit after delivery:

>              Convert a web page to text with appended links
>               $ w3m -o display_link_number=1 w3m.sourceforge.net > out.txt

With retry_http=TRUE, the target is accepted. Otherwise, w3m will
complain "Can't load w3m.sourceforge.net"

>       Akinori ITO <aito@fw.ipsj.or.jp>

It would be fine if you introduced the changes you judge as reasonable
in the groff file; to have a final version to be passed to the packet
maintainer Tatsuya.

So far, I got no response from the those members of the development
team I tried to get in contact with. I'll send two or three more mails.

Best regards

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