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Article for bits.debian.org about DC15 sponsors

Hi friends from l10n-english and -publicity:

I'm contributing to the DebConf15 organization in the area of

We would like to publish an article about the 8 sponsors we already have
for DebConf15 (YAY!), and encouraging people to look for more :)

The proposal title and text is here:


I think it's "final" for us (DC15 team) now, we kindly ask for reviews
and corrections from English native speakers and the wise people of
publicity team.

We would like it to be published next Thursday Nov 13th, if you prefer
that I send a patch against the "bits" repo or other workflow, please
let me know (and say the deadline for me, if we want it to be published
in Thursday morning Europe time. I would get the text from the
whiteboard before the deadline and do the needed work).

Thank you very much
Laura Arjona

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